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Have a Sweet Tooth, do You?

Nursing Your Sweet Tooth
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Real Food

What we were designed to eat has seven characteristics:

1.Low glycemic load

2.Lots of omega-3 fats (wild food)

3.Balance of protein, fat and slowly absorbed carbohydrates

4.Abundance of vitamins and minerals

5.Many alkaline foods, which prevent blood from ever becoming too acidic

6.Low levels of sodium

7.High fiber content—food as close to nature as possible: think about the process: apple with skin onà skinned apple (fiber is gone)à sliced apple (biting is gone)àmashed apple (chewing is gone) àjuiced apple (manufacturers did all the work for you!)


  1. NO transfats
  2. NO High fructose corn syrup, or dextrose, or all these names for extra refined sugar added in foods for taste and preservation
  3. NO MSG
  4. NO aspartame
  5. As little preservatives and artificial stuff as possible!

Now look at what you ate thus far today and what you will eat the rest of the day; does it fit these criteria’s?  Great if it does.  If it doesn’t, well…  Time to get back to basics!  Switch things around if necessary: oatmeal instead of sugary flakes, natural muffin instead of a store-bought cookie, asparagus instead of macaroni and cheese filled with junk, salmon instead of fish sticks… you get the picture!  It’s not time to relax and allow yourself to go back to eating junk; remember how it made you fee? N.E.W.A.Y. all the way!


Three challenges down! As of today, you are of the hook with the breathing challenge.  But you know what?  I think I am going to keep going because it just feels great! What about you?

Are you doing ok with the water one?  What about the jumping jacks/high knees one?  I love this one; it gives me energy for the moment.  How about you? How do you like the challenges thus far?  Let’s hear your impressions.

This week, you still have three challenges:

#2 (water) is still on for another week,

#3 (Jumping jacks/High knees) has two weeks to go,

and here is challenge #4:

Depending on how much sugar you eat in a normal day, choose one of the following options:

A.One day a week without any sugar at all–Stevia is ok.

B. Every other day without any sugar at all–Stevia is ok.

C. One less sugary soda daily if you drink more than two.

If you are a person addicted to sugar, this challenge will definitely be challenging, but take it one day at a time, ok?

Here are your instructions:

1. Click on calendar link and print

3. Highlight January 31st through February 20th (21 days)

4. Each day (or week if you are doing option A) that you accomplish the challenge, check the appropriate square.

And if you are not subscribed to receive my blog update automatically in your email, please do it so you by entering your email at the top right of this page so you won’t miss any of them!

And feel free to add a comment as the challenge unfolds; we can all benefit from each other’s insights and discoveries…


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