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Salmon Pasta

I love pumpkin and I love salmon, so I’ll always look for recipes with one of these. While in Europe the last time, my sister served me this dish and it has now become a staple in our house. So, so good! And it’s ready in no time at all.

Smoked Salmon Pasta

4 large bell peppers: 1 green ,1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 red (or whatever combination you have on hand/prefer)

1 bunch of green onions

8 ounces of smoked salmon

1 bag of spinach pasta (green)

12 to 16 ounces of sour cream (fat free, reduced fat or full fat; they all taste yummy)

Parmesan or other hard cheese to taste (optional)

In microwavable bowl, cut peppers coarsely  add chunked salmon, dump sour cream and top with cut up onions.

Cook pasta according to package direction while cooking the salmon mixture in the mivrowave for no longer than 10 minutes. You want the peppers to still have a bit of crunch to them.  Drain pasta and mix with salmon mixture. Serve. Top with cheese if you want to. That’s it!

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