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Consistency, Part Two

Today, let’s talk about consistently doing small things.  How do you start?  Here is a tiny little exercise to help you out.

~First, pick small goals that can be somewhat easily integrated into your normal daily schedule.

For example:

1. 10 minute workout in the morning

2. Taking fruits and vegetables to work (packs of raisins, an apple, or a bag of carrots)

3. Giving yourself I minute breaks throughout the day to relax

4. Working on a new skill for a certain amount of time each week

~Next, set specific goals based on these, then write down the goals and track them. 
For example one, you could: (1) start with 10 minutes twice a week for two weeks  and go to bed 10 minutes earlier (2) increase it to three times a week, etc…
For example two, you could (1) put those on your grocery list and buy them! (2) put a reminder on the counter to grab them in the morning (3) try to run out at the end of the third week!
For example three, you could (1) begin by dreaming about what those 1 minute breaks will be and write them down (2) put them on your schedule, etc…
For example four, you could (1) determine what the skill is (2) declutter your life until you have the specific amount of time to schedule this new skill learning time, etc…
Doing these small goals consistently will build a good foundation – a springboard for future success.

Once you do these steps, consistently setting and achieving goals becomes an upward cycle. As you gain momentum, you will want to continue achieving new goals. One thing to watch out for is losing focus on the goals that built your springboard, which can cause the whole thing to fall apart. Those goals will become good habits.
Simple, isn’t it?


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