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Sometimes, quitting is absolutely necessary in order to have room in your life for other things. It is simply too crowded for new things when you hold on the old. Especially if you realize that that seaon of your life is over… that’s when you need to listen to your intuition and go for it. And if it’s just too hard to quit today, set a date by which you will quit, and work towards it.

But sometimes, we just want to quit because we want to. You know what I mean? We don’t want to watch our food intake anymore, or get up early to  workout, or study, or… you fill in the blanks. And for those days, here is my best advice: Quit Tomorrow. Because there is a very good chance that your strong desire to quit is being dictated by a right-now emotion that could totally change an hour from now.

When you repeatedly intentionally choose to not make rush decisions based on your emotions, you will create a new pattern of persistence in your life.  So your initial choice to not yield to “quitting” now changed your habit and shaped your character. We really are the sum of our habits, aren’t we? That is actually pretty cool.

Or really bad sometimes. Because being the sum of our habits works both ways. Instead of sticking to your workout today. , you could have chosen to quit and eat a donut–a little, unconsequential decision seemingly. But times fifty, and you have created another kind of habit…

Finish out today. You can quit or go for the donuts tomorrow. But there is a very good chance that tomorrow, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go. And even if halfway through you want to quit, you might as well finish out this one day, right? It’s just one day. One workout. One hour.

You can always quit tomorrow, right?


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