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Movement Progression

There are a variety of ways for you to progress.  You can change weights, rep pattern, intensity, speed or duration.  You can change the exercise you are doing.  Your key is to always push forward once an exercise is not challenging you any longer.  Here are some ideas for you:Change your position.Look for ways you can change your position to make moves a bit different. If you usually do regular squats, try taking the feet wide and the toes out to fire different muscle fibers. Change your chest press by going to an incline bench or elevate your feet during push-ups.

Change the type of resistance.If you gravitate to machines, try free weights or the cable machines. If you always do free weights, try some of your exercises with resistance bands. Movements will always feel different when you change the resistance.

Go from bilateral to unilateral. One of the most interesting ways to change exercises is to use only one arm or one leg at a time. This makes almost any lower body move (like squats or deadlifts) more intense and even upper body moves get more challenging when you switch to one arm at a time (as in a one-armed chest fly).

Add a balance challenge. Going unilateral, as mentioned above, can make balancing more of a challenge but, even more challenging, is using something like a ball, foam roller, BOSU Balance Trainer or inflatable disc.

Do more compound movements. Doing two exercises at once can save time and add a new dimension to your workouts. Try doing squats with an overhead press or deadlifts with a row.



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