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Food Pushers

Do you have any of those in your life?  You know, the lovely well-intended people who keep pushing food, as though your eating was your seal of approval on their love for you? Yes, those people… are you one of those sometimes? Yes, me too.  Why we do that, I do not understand…

“Just another little piece of my pie.”  The hot apple pie wafts under my nose.  “You always love my pie. I made it just for you.”   Saying “no” hurts her.  Saying “yes” hurts me.  What am I to do?

1. Be Honest:

I could just tell them… I have chosen to not overeat and I am already full. I am not trying to offend anyone, but I have to keep a close eye on what and how much of it I am ingesting…

2. Use Stall Tactics:

If, for example, dessert starts making its way around the table, I can go ahead and say something along the lines of, “I would, but right now I’m stuffed and I just wouldn’t enjoy it.” or “Maybe after a while I’ll have some.” In other words… I can stall.  When time has passed, they might forget that I didn’t partake when the dessert was initially offered.

3. Delicious!

Sometimes, I just can’t say no.  I just have to give in.  Then, I take smaller portions of other foods in preparation for this one. I’ll also simply ask for a smaller serving of the less-than-favorable dish.  As I take the first few bites of my treat, I make sure to give the chef my compliments–and I can leave the rest on my plate if I have enough self-control that day.

4. To Go

If saying  “no,”  is just too painful, I can ask for the food may be wrapped up to take home later. I can always tell the cook that I want to be able to enjoy it later, or that it was so good that I want to share it with someone else at home. Whether I eat it later or not is then completely up to me — there’s no peer pressure when I am alone!

5. Prepare

Sometimes I just need to stand firm and say no. I might have to practice being assertive in similar situations before-hand — maybe even looking into the mirror while imagining them.

And if I can’t find the “right” way to say no, chances are no permanent damage will be done to the relationships in your life either way:  my body won’t quit on me because of a piece of pie, and the relationships in my life won’t be severed with one “no.”  It’s going to be ok.  Really.


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