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Week 8 Challenge

Are you enjoying our challenges?  We are on week 8 already! Time sure flies when you are having fun…  Let us all know how you are doing with these; drop a note in the comment box. 

Breathing (#1), water (#2), jumping jacks (#3), sugar option (#4) and three minute vacation (#5) challenges are done, but feel free to keep these great habits up.  Hopefully, they are now a part of your everyday life–might as well continue!

This week, you still have three challenges:

#6: Once a week, cook with a healthy ingredient you haven’t use yet.

#7: 100 Stairs a day

#8 : Mindful Eating

This may sound quite weird at first, but it’s worth investigating this concept.  As a society, we mostly eat as fast as we can between baseball practice, violin lessons, errands to run and a busy life to live. We forgot how to sit down and savor each bite.  We lost touch with the feelings of hunger and fullness.  So, this week, your challenge is to eat mindfully.  How are you going to do that?  Well, quite simple: at least once a day, sit down to eat your meal or your snack.  No book, no computer, no television.  Take one bite and taste it.  Really taste it.  Think about the texture and the feel of it.  Is it crunchy, smooth, bitter, sweet, tart, hot, cold, spicy?  Chew well.  Don’t put another bite in your mouth until this one is completely gone.  And once you are full, just stop. You might find that you are satisfied with a whole lot less food…

Here are your instructions:

1. Click on calendar link and print

2. Highlight February 28th through march 17th (3 weeks)

3. Each day  that you eat a snack/meal mindfully,  check the appropriate square.

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