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The Mind and Body Connection

It is simply foolish to think that one doesn’t have to do with the other.  We live in a body, but that is not what we are.  All we are and do starts in the mind.  The Bible says, “as a man thinks within himself, so he is.”  Pretty perceptive if you ask me….

Mental (mind) changes are necessary for physical wellness. You will never become who you want to be by remaining who you are. You will never become who you want to be physically by remaining who you are mentally.  Wanting your life to be different while, at the same time, refusing to make the necessary changes both physically and mentally is a dead end street, almost like wanting to take a shower without getting wet. If you want a different result, you must take different actions and make different decisions.  And it starts in the head–mental changes are absolutely necessary for those who want to succeed at any kind of physical wellness.

Physical wellness is a decision-making process, which is  actually true about life in general. We are the sum total of the decisions that we make. Where we end up is the direct result of the decisions we made and the actions we took along the way. Physical wellness  has to do with becoming a better decision-maker. And it all starts with possessing a heart-felt belief that you can change.

With that in mind, here is a thought-provoking bumper sticker type saying:

My Body is under New Management!

If your body were a business and you were the new manager brought in to turn this business around, you’d have to make some tough decisions but it’s your job and it must be done.

Make “My Body is under New Management!” tangible by writing it down somewhere where you can see it, or make a drawing of it.  Or a song with it!  Start thinking about the new management and add some plans to it.  How will this new management succeed?  What has failed in the past, and what needs to be reinforced? Is this body worth the effort, the decisions, the changes or the cost necessary?  You tell me…


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