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When I have a  life coaching session with a client, I structure each session with this in mind:

What is the GOAL?  Here, we try to figure out what it is the client really wants. Often, it looks very different than what we thought it would be.

What is the REALITY? Well, basically, this is where we determine where we really are in view of where we want to go. How far is the space between the two? More like a puddle or the Grand Canyon? What will it take to get from here to there?

What are the OBSTACLES and OPTIONS? Stuff is already there. And stuff happens. That’s just the way life is. So if we are going to be successful in this goal setting endeavor, we better have our eyes wide open, and plan for days where there is a brick wall right in front of our faces. Otherwise, being tripped up is a certainly…

What is the WAY forwardIn life coaching, the way forward translates into actions. Small and big. Yep. Just do it.

And that, my friend, is my basic,  simple Life Coaching model. It works very, very well, whether you are seeking to make your marriage work, looking for your dream job or planning to look your best next summer.  Now to do it…

I am here for you if you want to go on a life coaching adventure with me!



When I take on a coaching client and we embark on that adventure together, there are a few things that will happen for and in my client throughout the process, regardless of the intent of the coaching relationship. I love to use the acronym R.O.A.R for the process, because that is truly what happens to the client–whom I will call a “he” for the sake of this blog post:

RECOGNIZE: My client will identify where he is and where he wants to go in the future. For this to happen,I as his coach will help him look at himself as a whole person  (spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, social, vocational) and ask hard questions as to which areas are neglected or focused on. It is my job to point out how all areas are related and to assess personality, natural gifts, life experiences, etc. It’s his job to recognize his need for change…  As a coach, I listen closely for passion in the “recognize” phase, because it is a true window to my client’s soul.

ORGANIZE:  Once my client has recognized his need for change, he and I together will organize the challenges he will face and the choices that need to be made; we’ll strategize; we’ll organize problems and look at options and then prioritize. We’ll move from information (head) to application (hand) by motivation (heart). My job here is to help my client realize and stay focused on skills, talents and strengths.  This might involve figuring out who the people are in his life who can help him. We will map out a general direction but we won’t be able to plan every step. We’ll just go one stepping stone at a time.

ACCEPT: This is where my client accepts the challenge of change, making a clear commitment for it. Sometimes, we shake on it, or we sign a contract, or write a letter of commitment, or find another way to make the commitment more real. There will be deadlines and we design a way to keep him accountable, keeping the goal always in sight and protecting energy by balancing time to focus, rest, relax, exercise, connect with people, etc. We all know that a battery does not stay charged up without an alternator, right? If things go wrong, we’ll step back, analyze situation and build on strength, making adjustments if necessary. Pain is most often a normal part of the growing process and my job will be to help my client work through the pain and stick with the goal by keeping him accountable and giving him a new perspective if necessary, keeping his dream alive. I love to rememeber that it’s the dream that is tested, not the dreamer. Pushing through takes work and perseverance, and this is where strength and character are being built. This is where true growth is experienced.

REALIZE: The change is happening or has happened, and now my job is to help my client sustain the changes. What is he going to do to continue the growth, and what is he willing to do to overcome any setback that might come? Because as we realize our dreams, there are always places to grow… and that is wonderfully exciting! 

Life Coaching 101

Coaching started with sports, as teams found themselves in need of someone to come alongside the athletes and help them along, giving them a frame work in order to accomplish their goals. It’s that simple. In the last century, “coaching” has grown greatly as a profession, and we now see speech coaches, performance coaches, writing coaches, personal development coaches,… the list is endless. “Coaching” is actually the second fastest growing industry in the world. The reason is pretty obvious–coaching works! The results are not only phenomenal, but they also are measurable in quality and quantity.  Coaching can happen in many different fields; the possibilities are endless. Right now,  the two fastest growing fields right now are Business Coaching and Life Coaching.

What is Life Coaching? Well, let’s start with what it’s not! Life coaching is not counseling. Counselors are trained in helping people move through things from the past from which they need healing or closure. They deal with pain, struggles and move toward finding healing rather than potential and goals. 

Life coaching does not deal with your past nor does it try to fix it. Life coaching simply deals with the present. Right now. And where you want to go. That’s it! So in as few words as possible, this is the definition of a life coach: A life coach is someone who helps you reach your goals or make a change in your life. Life coaches are trained to listen for what you are really saying, and they will take what you are saying to help you discover what you want, and how best to get it. They will motivate you, keep you accountable, praise your successes and walk alongside you all the way until you get there. 

Professionally, I wear a lot of hats. One of them is to be a Certified Life Coach. For many reasons, this is truly the most fascinating and rewarding hat I ever wear in my professional life. What’s not to like about empowering someone to make the changes that they desperately seek? What’s not to like about seeing someone’s face light up when they realize what it is that they really, really want in life, and then watching their soul take on boldness and purpose? We all need a purpose in life, don’t we?

There is one thing I am convinced of: my client has his (or her) answers right there, on the inside of him. He may not have discovered them yet, but as I ask the hard questions and he answers from his gut, his true life purpose or dream or need will surface and he will recognize it. All I do is help him discover it. Then, I get to witness how he designs a plan to get that desire, dream or goal into motion and bring it to fruition. I stand by him along the way, and keep him accountable. I get to watch him succeed, and handle failure along the way, and succeed some more, and tweak his goals or habits until it’s just right, and then, I get to cheer him on all the way to the finish line. And I get to do that with people all over the world.

That’s life coaching in a nutshell. And I love it!

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