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Holiday Tips, Part 2

Last week we talked about nutritional tips for the Holidays.  Today, I want to touch on simple ideas that will help you lower your stress level during this busy time of year. I don’t know how the Holidays turned out to be so stressful for most of us–the simple joy of being together has become something so complicated…

Here are some simple do-able ideas for you to get more enjoyment out of this Holiday Season.  These suggestions don’t take much time to implement if you don’t want them to, and every one of them will help you have a much nicer experience over the next three weeks.

1. Have fun creating a little home spa–candles, a long soak in the tub, foot soak in water infused with aromatherapy treats, soft music and a glass of wine–or eggnog.  You will feel like a new woman in no time!

2. Take five minutes to play a “stupid” game on your computer.  You can do this in your pajamas, and it will take your mind off of all you have to do.  You’ll come back to your “to-do” list with more energy.

3. Laugh out loud!  You will gain what I call “happy hormones” (endorphins), and your outlook on things will be better.

4.Think back to your childhood: What made you feel good as a child? Did you draw, run, nap, invent stories?  Travel back there for a few minutes and enjoy.

5.Buy some fresh flowers and look at them! The benefits of flowers are so underrated.

6.Take an exercise class and work out as hard as you can.  You will release frustration and happy hormones–buy one get one free!

7.Hop unto a good book.  Stay there ten minutes or ten hours.  When you come back from your journey, you will notice that your mind is clear and able to think better.

8.Practice saying “NO” with a gentle smile…

9.Fill your house, your car or your office with soothing music!

Do you have other tips to relieve Holiday Stress that you can share with the Barb’s Fit U community?



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