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Freezing Summer’s Best


My herbs are doing so well this year… thyme, lemon thyme, basil,  rosemary, sage, tarragon, parsley and other ones but I can’t even remember their names… pitiful, I know…  I love how they look, and somehow they make me happy.  Try some basil, parsley and onions minced and mixed with a bit of olive oil on top of new red skin potatoes and you will so know what I mean!

So this year, I decided to try to preserve summer’s aromas for the winter to come.  I have dried herbs before but did not love the result.  Here is my attempt at freezing them:

1. Harvest the herbs.

2. Go through them and remove all stems and browned leaves. (One good way of removing the stems from thyme: freeze the herbs on a cookie sheet for an hour; remove from the freezer  and then shake the thyme–the leaves fall off!)


3. If you must, wash and dry them well.  I did not.

4. Using kitchen shears or a good knife, mince herbs.

5. Put in freezer container and label/date.  I called mine, “Summer’s Aroma.”

Twenty minutes, tops! How difficult was that?

Eating well is not difficult…




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