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Up for Barb’s Fit U Community Simple Challenge?

Barb’s Fit U means to build a happy, healthy community of people who are actually enjoying themselves in the process!

So… here’s the deal:

For the next 10 weeks, every TUESDAY, I will post a simple health challenge, like

~increase your water intake

~go for a walk three times a week, etc…

If you take it up, you commit to do that particular task for the next twenty-one days, that’s it!  There will be 10 challenges, and you are allowed to skip the one that you really dislike.   We are starting next Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 and the last challenge will be over on Monday, March 19th.  My secret hope is that it will cause us all to build new habits.

For those of you who want in, read the pledge below, and agree with it as you leave a reply with your name in the comment box.

I agree to take on Barb’s Fit U Community Blog’s “10 weeks simple challenge.”

 Each challenge will last three weeks, and then I can quit if I decide to.  

No one will come after you if you don’t follow through.  No one will give you an award if you do follow through.  But who knows, you might wind up healthy in the process…


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