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I have probably said it a zillion times, and then some:

Drink Your Water!

I am not kidding.

Water is necessary to sustain life on earth. Water is necessary for maintaining or restoring  vitality and well-being. The benefits of water and the importance of drinking water is essential to life – second only to oxygen. It’s a major component of your skin, tissues, cells and all of your organs.Every cell and system in your body relies on water to operate properly. Although you could live for over a month without food, you can only go for about 3 days without water.  Think about it for a minute: water is responsible for transporting and holding allthe solutes in the body: enzymes, nutrients, neurotransmitters, hormones and other chemical messengers are all examples of solutes that are transported properly when the fluids in the body are less viscous. Water is necessary to process and absorb all the nutrients from the foods you eat. It circulates through your blood and lymphatic system, carrying oxygen and essential nutrients to your cells. It also flushes out toxins and waste through urine and sweat.Every single part of you and your functioning is dependent on water.

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Most people walk around dehydrated for a variety of reasons, causing great stress to the body and manifesting in an endless list of symptoms or discomforts. Many of us are dehydrated because they have lost touch with their internal instincts and intuition, which naturally communicate when it is time replenish their water stores. Many others are drinking everything but water: sodas, coffee, black tea and alcohol. Even though these deceivingly similar to water, they are actually dehydrating in nature. Others wait till they have thirst pangs until they finally replenish their water reserves. By then, dehydration has already taken place.

So here I go again:

We are water dependant beings and require this vital element for wellness on all levels: emotional, physical and spiritual.

Every function of the body is dependent on the efficient flow of water.

Actually, because water is so vital to us, you could go as far as saying that water is a cure for many diseases.

During the night the body purifies, gathers cellular wastes to be eliminated, and does its “house cleaning.”  But we don’t drink during the night, so it is important to replenish the water reserves first thing in the morning as it aids the body in eliminating all the wastes it gathered overnight.  Also, the blood becomes more viscous when the body gets dehydrated, so it often is more viscous first thing in the morning from not drinking fluids through the night: drinking water will help smoothly liquefy the blood again so that it can flow with fluidity thus nourishing every cell. Besides, this practice helps maintain the alkalinity of the blood because when there are enough fluids in the body the acidic wastes can be flushed out of the body with ease.

Want other reasons why you should drink your H2O? Water acts as a lubricant, temperature regulator, and delivery system.


When the body is even mildly dehydrated signals show up. Some signs of mild dehydration are constipation, headaches, fatigue, dry skin and hair, and brain fog. Inadequate hydration increases the risk of urinary tract infections and kidney stones. When body fluids are low the body temperature goes up.

An easy way to tell if you are dehydrated is to observe the color of your urine. It should be a straw-colored yellow. If it is dark in color, you are not drinking enough. Additionally, if you pinch the skin on your hand and the skin takes a while to return to its smooth texture then that is a sign that you are dehydrated.


Your body is around 66% water,

  • Your muscles are about 75% water,
  • The blood in your veins is 83% water,
  • Your bones approximately 23% water,
  • Your trillions of cells are 64-91% water,
  • And the brain in your head is 78% water.

My goodness, you’re practically a sponge!

As you can see, your very survival is dependent on clean water.  Pure, uncontaminated water could be considered a virtual fountain of youth wonder drug. Taken in optimum doses – at least 8 glasses a day – you could produce the following miraculous results:

  • Reduce your risk of heart attack,
  • Decrease headaches and dizziness,
  • Have healthier, younger looking skin,
  • Burn fat, build muscle and lose weight,
  • Improve both digestion and elimination,
  • Increase mental clarity and performance,
  • Flush Toxins from your body more efficiently,
  • Lubricate and reduce pain in joints and muscles,
  • Reduce your risk of disease, infection and get well,
  • Increase energy, alertness and physical performance.

By the way, good hydration also greatly decreases your need for taking medications. Plus,  it’s cheap, calorie-free and convenient.  It takes an average nine cups a day to replenish the water your body uses and loses. And your water needs increase with exercise, extra sweat and when you’re sick with a fever, vomiting or diarrhea.

So drink up, friends.  And just so you know, drinking alcohol or caffeine also increases your water needs–ouch!





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