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Need to Know if You Want to Keep your Weight in Check

Simple information about how we work and what works for us goes a long way sometimes!

INSULIN is essential to life in proper amounts but detrimental when produced in excess. All carbohydrates turn into glucose (blood sugar) once they enter the bloodstream, but some cause a very quick rise in blood sugar and trigger the pancreas to rapidly release insulin.  75 % of Americans produce too much insulin because of their food choices!  Insulin controls where blood sugars are stored.  Its main job is to convert glucose into glycogen which is typically stored in the liver.  Later, glycogen can be converted back to glucose and used as energy.  Only 2000 calories can be stored as glycogen in the body at a time, the rest is stored as fat.  Complex carbohydrates (not from processed or refined foods) don’t cause such a drastic increase in blood sugar levels, but rather they provide a steady source of energy.  Excess sugar in the diet sends blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride.  Sugar consumption has risen 1500% over the last 200 years; the average American consumes his/her own weight in sugar yearly.    The roller coaster sugar ride leaves people exhausted, cranky and overweight.  Try to eat most of your sugar in natural foods.  Stevia (Truvia) seems good thus far.

ASPARTAME AND ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS  do not help in losing weight in any way.  They will help you gain unwanted weight. Aspartame is absorbed from the intestines into the liver.  Liver breaks it down to its toxic components, using a lot of energy to do this.  It can result in fat storing and sometimes excess fat build up inside the liver cells…  Aspartame also causes unstable blood sugar levels, increasing appetite and cravings for sugar.   Aspartame also causes water retention, making us look fatter than we are and increases cellulite…

FOOD ALLERGIES cause water retention and water weight gain because partially digested food causes irritation and inflammation in the tissues, and the body tries to reduce this irritation by retaining water, which dilutes the concentration of the offending material.  Fat cells expand and act as a buffer between the toxic chemical and the organs.  So the body hangs on to fat and water to ward off self-poisoning…  Also, inflammatory substances released during allergic reactions to food affects weight control by inhibiting metabolism and inhibiting the body’s ability to burn fat.   Food allergies are really wicked… Partially digested compounds in common food allergens act as morphine-like drugs, creating a temporary “high” and when that feeling wears off, people crave the allergens again… so the very food you are allergic to becomes a food you become addicted to.  More than “allergies,” these food issues should really be called food intolerances and sensitivities, as the reaction is not so obvious.  The body compensates with an addiction to the allergen (like nicotin).  Often, it is the food we crave the most that makes us sick…  Blood tests is a sure way to figure out food allergies.  What do you crave?  Eliminate it and see if water retention and bloating goes away, if metabolism is increased, if craving is removed and you start losing fat…

REDUCED FAT Diets are bad for us! R By cutting out  fat, we increase the sugar consumption and therefore have increased insulin and more stored body fat.  By cutting out fat, we also often give our  minds permission to eat more… Eating the right fat will actually curb appetite and decrease cravings.

FOOD CHEMICALS and Processed Foods cannot be digested, used or properly eliminated by the body; they get absorbed for an indefinite amount of time, impeding digestion and adding weight to us.  Sodium nitrate (hot dogs, bacon, ham, processed foods) and BHT are stored in fat cells!  The only way to stop this process and accelerate weight loss is to stop eating foods with chemicals, preservatives, additives, coloring…

IMPACTED COLON? Fiber, fiber, fiber!!!  Water, water, water!!!  Eat lots of fruits and veggies and lots of water to flush it all down! This “Internal cleanse” will cause metabolism, immune system and digestive system to function so much better.

Improper FOOD COMBINING: high  GI Foods without fiber or protein is a recipe for disaster…

WATER is a Gift from Heaven: it suppresses appetite and helps the body metabolize stored fat.  A decrease in water intake will cause fat deposits to increase, while an increase in water intake can actually reduce fat deposits…  Water protects against fluid retention, helps the body get rid of waster, relieves constipation…

Do you Need SUPPLEMENTS to Lose Weights?  The following could be useful: Chromium Picolinate helps build muscles and control blood sugar by assisting insulin.  Ginkgo Biloba increases the ability of brain cells to make use of glucose.  Fiber (FOOD) helps keep the colon clean and gives a feeling of fullness.  Vitamin C (FOOD) with bioflavonoids speeds up a sluggish metabolism.  Calcium (FOOD) is involved in the activation of lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat for utilization by the body.

Simple Formula for CALORIC NEEDS: To calculate your daily caloric requirements, multiply your weight by 10, then add 30 % to that amount.  If you are moderately active, consuming this many calories should cause you to maintain your weight.  Remember, one pound of fat has 3500 calories.


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