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Acknowledging Success

This post is tweaked from a newsletter from Jack Canfield, and I believe it is very appropriate for the Barb’s Fit U community!

Sometimes, you simply need to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate yourself for everything you’ve accomplished today, throughout the year, and in life.  How many times have you succeeded in the past month? Are you able to recall your successes as well as your failures and missteps? Most of us  under-appreciate the little things we accomplish every day. And yet we can recall in detail all the times we have failed or made mistakes. That’s because the brain remembers events more easily when they are accompanied by strong emotions.

You might recall graduation, losing 10 pounds, winning an award, or landing a highly sought after position.

But do you include in your successes how you had a really great talk with your spouse, how you spent quality time with your teen, how you got all your list of things done for the day, how you learned to change your own oil, or got your fussy child to take a nap?  If we don’t acknowledge our successes the same way we acknowledge our mistakes, we are sure to have a memory full of blunders.  If you only remember the mistakes and failures, you won’t be as ready to take risks that will lead to your successes. Build yourself-esteem by recalling ALL the ways you have succeeded and your brain will be filled with images of you making you achievements happen again and again.

Acknowledge your own success!  Toot your own horn and don’t wait for anyone else to praise you!

To inventory our successes causes us to look at things in a much more sober way, and will build our confidence in life.  Why focus on the negative?  By focusing on our strengths, we will be able to feed and grow them, leaving our weaknesses way behind us.  I have told my children for years, “What you fix your eyes on grows.”  So, what will it be?


Here are two simple tricks that are very useful.  You may feel stupid at first, but that is simply because of a life-long habit of being conditioned to inventory our failures only: 

~Take time to write your achievements down. Start when you were very young and think of all your achievements since then. Don’t just pick the big things, write down all the things you take for granted. You can also create a log of success everyday and review it when you are faced with a new challenge. By writing it all down everyday, you’re securing it in your long-term memory and it will become a part of what makes you tick.

~Surround yourself with reminders of your success. Put up pictures, articles, trophies, awards and other pieces that ring your attention to you success. Make your environment speak to you about your achievements. Be proud of them!

People like to be around those who have a healthy confidence and who are achieving their goals. Commit to acknowledging your achievements and you brain will begin to tell you the truth… that you can really do a lot more than you have given yourself credit for!

Taking just 30 minutes to complete this activity will become your positive springboard into this new week for even more successes.

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