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Well, here we go again with this pH thing… I figured it was time to remind you what this is all about, and why it is important to get our pH balanced…

What is the pH, anyway?  Well, it is the acid/alkaline balance of our body.  This pH is influenced and controlled by dietary, environmental and internal conditions.  Even though we can do very little about last two conditions, we have everything to do with our diets, as we choose what we put in our mouths. Most foods in the traditional American diet are acid producing: animal protein, sugar, refined products, dairy, fried foods, most grains, some legumes, all caffeinated and carbonated beverages, chocolate, MSG…

The more acidic you are, the more acidic foods you will crave. Here are the dangers of a predominantly acid-producing diet:

~The body pulls alkalinity from the minerals (mainly bones)— danger of osteoporosis!

~Promotes unwanted weight gain (the fat is used as a way to store those acids) and the inability to lose weight easily. The body protects itself from acidity by piling on fat.  When we keep acids out of the body, the body can and will let go of the excess fat.

~Food and environmental allergies—Food allergies—known and unknown–is a large reason why people seem to not be able to lose weight; mainly wheat, dairy and corn.


It is impossible to avoid the production of acid in the body altogether because acids are formed during the digestion process, respiration, normal metabolism and cellular breakdown.  But as we limit the acids we take into our bodies and consume a lot of alkaline foods, we enable the body to buffet the naturally occurring acids.  Basically, here is the scoop: the more alkaline you eat, the more alkaline your body will be, the more energy you will have.

When your body’s alkalinity/acidity balance (pH) is optimal, your body and metabolism come into balance.  Now you can see even more why good nutrition is vital!

So, what is a normal pH for us humans, and how do we get there? A pH value of 7.0 is considered neutral, neither acid nor alkaline.  Internal environment of human body should be maintained at a pH between 6.5 and 7.5.


Make sure you check your body’s pH first thing in the morning, or after at least 5 hours of sleep.  The lower the number, the more acid it is.

How to restore a healthy internal pH:

~All refined carbohydrates make us acidic; processed and fast foods are all acidic.  Avoid them as much as possible!

~Sweating is a major way for the body to eliminate acids

~Do drink juice of ½ lemon or lime ( or a teaspoon of apple-cider vinegar) in 8 ounces of water several times a day.  Even though they are acidic in nature, they will produce an alkaline residue.

~Enjoy lots of tomatoes, good grains, lentils, sweet potatoes or yams daily until alkalinity is restored, then keep these up in your diet several times a week.  Make sure you eat dark green vegetables daily.

~Essential fatty acids are great: avocados, coconut, fresh fish, seed oils

~Have plenty of watermelon or other fruit daily

~Add ½ teaspoon of baking soda in a gallon of your drinking water.

Remember that the alkalinity of your body reflects its mineral reserves.  If they are very deficient, they must be replenished first of all before the alkalinity can be restored, so be patient!


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