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  1. Andrea Hicks said:

    thanks Barb, had no idea rice cakes would spike sugar. If your sugar is too high, what foods would help increase insulin? is that the correct remedy? sometimes I can feel it too high, and I don’t know how to offset it.

    • when blood sugars are too high, since you are not a diabetic, insulin rushes in to balance things. This is how we wind up with lots of extra stored fat… you don’t need to increase insulin, your body does it all by itself.

  2. Hi Barb! I was looking for a home made pain reliever rub and came across your pain relieving salve from your July 2013 post. Love the recipe and am excited to try it! That being said, could you tell me approximately how much the batch makes? I am very new at making my own “stuff” and don’t have a good feel at all for how much that recipe will produce. Advice is appreciated!! Thank you so much!

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