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Coaching Relationship

The coaching relationship is interesting.  My client and I aren’t really friends, but we certainly aren’t strangers. Actually,  I honestly can’t help but really care for my client. At times, it actually seems that my client and I really have deep ties because of the shared struggles and success.

The coaching process typically begins with an interview to assess my client’s current opportunities and challenges,  identify priorities and establish specific desired outcomes. We do this interview in-person, on the phone or in written form such as email. Afterwards, I often challenge his thinking about the situation and together, we begin to  formulate a plan of action that he can live with and do well. The next coaching sessions will be scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly–depending on my client’s goals, and how much interaction is required to get there. I keep my client accountable between sessions and we both determine the how of the accountability.

I love that my client is really the one who sets the pace. I ask hard questions, I listen, I ask more questions and we take steps. One tiny one at a time. But he is the one who determines how far and how fast he/she wants to go. And in the process, thought patterns are altered, goals are achieved, and confidence grows.

So often, when trying to establish new patterns, we concentrate on what is wrong, and how it ought to be changed. I love life coaching ,because the coaching relationship is based on what works. We don’t react, we act.

As a coach, I:
○ Listen to what is really important to my client by understanding his values and beliefs
○ Honestly look at my clients’ current reality without judgment or criticism
○ Help my client to set specific, realistic and achievable goals
○ Guide my client through a step-by-step strategy to reach his goals
○ Facilitate a plan of action when obstacles get in the way
○ Provide accountability
○ Enable my client to make changes
○ Support and encourage my client through the changes and transformation

and I LOVE IT!

I share with my client the importance of being intentional about the process, exercise self discipline, challenge his existing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors and develop new ones which will serve his goal.   I ask powerful questions that forces him to look at things as they are and help him focus on what he really wants. I create an awareness of where he is at. My client and I, we trust each other. There is a certain intimacy between us that is more special than words can express. We work together, we communicate, we listen. My client and I, we kick butt!


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  1. Very interesting, thanks for linking up at Good Morning Mondays. You sound like a great Life coach. Blessings

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