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Stinking Thinking

We really are what we think. Not one of us lives above his or her thoughts. That is a very sobering realization, let me tell you.

The next step is to accept that the most powerful influence in our lives is the input we feed our minds. Because at the end of the day, the results in our lives have everything to do with our mindset, which stems out of our thoughts. So if you want to produce different results in life, you have a different mindset. Even Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Bottom line: if your thinking stinks, so will your results… You create what you are thinking about. t’s not so much that you are what you think you are; it’s more this fact: what you think, that you are! The information you feed your mind is truly the most constant influence of conditioning affecting our lives, our results and our ability to achieve.

stinky face

Our minds operate as simply as a computer, which, even though they are complex systems, work rather simply: what you input is what it outputs. It doesn’t judge or discriminate; it simply acts on the input. And your mind is just the same: it does not judge or discriminate the information you feed it; it simply acts on the input. This is why it is crucial that you are careful what you feed your mind.

Here are some good ideas to do just that:

1—Protect your mind:
Stand guard at the doorway of your mind. Every input matters. All input is processed and shapes your view of the world and yourself in it. Be vigilant about what you expose yourself to. Here are four little keys: (1) Television: The hours that you will spend watching TV this year is 1,704 (4.7 per day). And everything you hear molds you. Are you hearing what you want to be hearing?

(2) Selective listening is a key! You don’t need to pick through the trash can looking for a crust of bread when I can have the bread I want delivered to my doorstep.

(3) Low information isn’t that bad… Limit your intake of news and information. You don’t need a text update on every Wall Street Journal financial crisis. You don’t have to be informed of all the local news crime stats. Don’t overconsume news!

(4) Evaluate yourself: How much time do you spend on entertainment and how much on education? The imbalance of this equation could be the reason your life isn’t where you want it to be.

Unsuccessful people think about what they don’t want most of the time. They talk about problems, listen to news and gossip, and spend their time blaming circumstances, situations and others.Successful people think about what they want and how they will get it. They are intensely focused on their goals and the information needed to help obtain them.

2—Feed your mind:

feed mind






If you want to think differently, you have to constantly and continually feed your mind the thoughts, ideas and inspiration it needs to help you achieve your ambitious goals. Your mind needs a regular diet of nutrient-rich food—“bread for the head.” There are limitless ways to educate ourselves and continue to grow–instructional CDs, books, webinar, online classses, etc… A person who dares to learn is still growing.

So, your dreams… are you moving toward them, or are you letting time and information swallow you?


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  1. Very true! I try not to spend too much time watching TV because it always puts me in a bad mood. Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop 🙂 Feel free to come back to or any of the other hosts and share another!

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