Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Go Natural!

I’m all about living as naturally as possible while enjoying everyday moments. I figure, the closest I live to the way I was made to live, the better I will feel. And it works for me.

166fb-foodsrichinfiberSo the first thing I seek to do is to eat as clean as possible, choosing to not overload my body with non foods, processed food, junk food. They are full of toxins and cause inflammation, constipation, weight gain and sluggishness. I eat lots of veggies, fruits and nuts. I try to make our own bread once a week… And you know that I am very busy, so I keep it as simply as I can–great recipe if you want it. I drink lots and lots of water with lemon EO in it. And I try to not use too many chemicals in the house, using vinegar, baking soda and as many essential oils as possible for my everyday cleaning (lemon, purify).

I do my best to deal with stress instead of ignoring it. Some stressful situations I can change, and those I do. Some I cannot, and for those I have coping mechanisms that include taking walks, praying and essential oils to help me relax: citrus bliss, elevation, balance, serenity, lavender.

As much as I can, I use natural methods of taking care of my body. I start with walking in the sunshine as much as I can, storing up that vitamin D I need. I also take fundamental vitamins and supplements so that I function at my best (Lifelong Vitality Pack). I use what nature offers: rest (I try to get 8 hours a night; no kidding–it keeps my immune system strong and makes me able to deal with life!),sunshine and essential oils.


Next I use and am thankful for the following essential oils every day as part of my health routine:
Balance on the bottom of my feet every morning for grounding me.
Frankincense under my tongue every morning
Elevation as my perfume daily! Makes me happy
Vetiver on my big toes before bed, and Intune under my nose for sweet sleep
Just last week, I added Mito2Max and Phytoestrogen every morning; they make me feel so so good!

How do you go natural?


Comments on: "Go Natural!" (1)

  1. Essential oils are a huge help for living naturally…. and they are so easy to use. I am reminded by reading this that I have not been putting lemon, grapefruit or peppermint oils in my water for quite a long time…. have just forgotten, but I will start again. Thank you. 🙂

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