Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Moods, Part 1

Did you know that our moods are greatly affected by how we treat our bodies? We truly are a triune being, you know: spirit, soul and body. What affects one part of us certainly affects the others; we can hardly separate them. This was the theme of my theses when I became a Holistic Health Practitioner. I still find this subject fascinating.


Our moods are not just feelings that come out of nowhere or  seem to be a reaction to our situations. Moods are regulated by hormones released in the brain. These neurotransmitters (mainly dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline) help elevate or flatter moods. If the specific levels of neurotransmitters are not balanced, they can cause mood issues that can create serious behavioral problems. This balance in neurotransmitters is influenced by nutrition, health status, environmental factors, genetic factors and external emotional stimulus.

Even the release itself of these hormones is regulated by a lot of other factors, like  music, nutrition, color, fragrance, sleep patterns and even by what is happening in your gut. Crazy, isn’t it? That’s how amazingly put together we are.

Today, I’ll just mention two fo these factors:

1. We really know these things without having to be told. Military bands use music to build courage. Football and baseball teams use music to rouse enthusiasm. Dentists play music to calm nervous patients. Moms sing to sooth their babies. We can increase hostility, sadness, tension and fatigue with music, as well as feelings of joy, optimism and relaxation. Studies have shown that depression can be partly treated with music.

And you probably know what works for you. Use it to your advantage!

2. Smelling has a very real effect on our emotions that can actually be measured scientifically. Specific moods match specific aromas, and we can even facilitate moods with specific aromas.  Some promote relaxation, others stimulate etc…  Certified Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils are very effective when used aromatically in classrooms for stress relief and concentration, in hospital for stress relief, etc… They have even be used to reduce stress-induced muscle tension! Citrus fragrances are mood lifters, Lavender calms, and the list goes on. Use these to your advantage!









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