Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Low Glycemic Foods

Research shows that a low glycemic diet is the healthiest way to lose weight. And those who follow a good low glycemic diet are at a significantly lower risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes, two major killer diseases. But that’s not all. Numerous research and clinical studies and scientific research in England, Australia, Canada and the United States all show that a healthy low glycemic foods index diet can help you to lose weight, clear up your skin, reduce mood swings, decrease insulin resistance, feel less hunger and food cravings, lower triglyceride levels and blood pressure, and achieve long lasting and permanent weight loss. That’s a lot of benefits! Wanna read more?

Good and Bad Carbohydrates

Goodness gracious! Haven’t we heard enough about carbohydrates yet? One side says eat less and the other side says eat more. But neither side is hitting the bull’s-eye… the truth is, carbohydrates are not created equal!


“Bad carbs” cause dangerous spikes in blood sugar, while good carbs keep you healthy and fit.  Low glycemic healthy carbohydrates, such as whole grains, beans and most vegetables, are slowly absorbed into the blood stream. High glycemic carbs, like sugar, white bread, white pasta and white rice, are rapidly absorbed, causing high and low blood sugar swings.  When you eat high glycemic carbohydrates, your pancreas is forced to produce an insulin surge to lower your blood sugar as fast as possible; your body does this by converting sugar into fat. Yep, no fun! Your blood sugar then drops way down out of the high danger zone into the low blood sugar zone. While this mechanism protects you from poor food choices, the spiking-then-dropping insulin workout your body goes through makes you feel ravenously hungry. How crazy is that? What’s more, insulin keeps you from metabolizing the fat you’ve got stored. And, when you’re feeling hungry, since you can’t burn your excess fat, you have to eat more food for energy.

Hunting and Gathering vs. Modern Times

rollerA low glycemic diet eliminates the endless insulin roller coaster ride.  In the early days of our existence when food was scarce, we had to hunt and gather more food. In the active process of hunting and gathering, we burned extra fat for energy. But when was the last time food was scarce at your house? Have you had to hunt down any antelope lately? With our modern lifestyle, there’s certainly no famine problem – it’s always feast, feast, feast!  If you’re eating like most people today, you end up on the glycemic roller coaster every single day–up and down, up and down, high and low, high and low. And eventually, it might be over and out.


For healthy permanent weight loss, make the best possible choices from a glycemic foods index of healthy foods chart.  You can find a number of them online.  By eating lower glycemic carbs, you will burn more calories, lose weight easier, feel less hunger, have better skin, be much healthier and keep the weight off!

As part of an overall nutritious food plan, avoid foods that are too high in unhealthy fat calories and cause an unwanted insulin response. It’s that simple—it really is!



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