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One Size Fit All?

I have a hard time with the “one size fit all” mentality. In all of life’s realms. The only two things that work for everyone in my book is breathing and the Word of God. Besides that, it’s all a case by case thing. Because we are all so different, and our differences are determined by many factors: heredity, sociological environment, physical activity, intellectual stimulation and another two thousand or so factors.  Eskimos thrive on blubber, and Africans on beans and rice. Try to switch that and you have a lot of upset stomachs. The bottom line is this: even though we are all humans with the same basic biology, chemistry and emotions, there are as many differences between people as there are people. Fingerprints and DNA scream that fact to us.

I do realize that there have been enough clinical studies to suggest a “norm” for the treatment of this or that, and that it is a very good thing. However, I do believe that we ALL vary from the norm, and that each case should be looked at with a fresh set of eyes. Easier said than done, I know…



Learning the art/science/wonder of Essential Oils taught me the power of individual chemistry, and how we should be serious about respecting it. What totally works for me may not work for you, or may need to be tweaked a bit.  Or a lot. An oil blend created to deal with inflammation works wonders for most people who suffer knee pain; it did nothing for me. My gut told me to use Frankincense–my knees, which had been bugging me for years, stopped hurting within two weeks.

All of this to just say this: don’t let “them” tell you what is normal, what you should expect, what you should do. Think outside the box when it comes to your health, your stress level, your well-being. Trust your gut. It knows you more than the doctors…


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  1. Amen! Not everyone will die with gluten, dairy, or soy. We are all different and different foods, oils, herbs will affect us differently.

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