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Lunch Time Workouts



Lunch time workouts? I don’t think so…. I like my down time, you know. And when I am supposed to eat? And what gym am I supposed to use?  I know… but don’t throw out the baby with the bath water before you really think about it. With some planning and preparation, those lunchtime workouts might actually be a real solution for you, especially if your busy life makes it almost impossible to squeeze in a workout in the early morning or at night.





The Benefits of Lunchtime Workouts:

~Boost your mood and energy level – You may feel a dip in energy reserves after lunch, but a short workout may give you more energy for the rest of your work day. ~Give you more free time – Working out on your lunch hour means you’re free for other activities after work.

~Clear your mind – Getting away from the computer and moving your body can clear your mind and help you refocus for the rest of your day.

~Save money and calories – Working out at lunch means you won’t eat out as often, which may save you both money and extra calories.

~Reduced stress – Exercise is a proven way to reduce stress and is much better for you than what many of us do to get rid of workplace stress – Hiding in the break room and eating leftover birthday cake, for example.

~Time to reflect – A brisk walk or jog is a great way to free your mind, solve problems or come up with new ideas for your projects.



Lunchtime Workout Logistics:

To make lunchtime workouts actually work, you’ll need to do more planning and preparation than you normally would for a typical workout. That’s one reason you may want to keep your lunchtime workouts to a minimum at first. Once you practice a few times, you’ll figure out exactly what you need for a midday workout. A few basic tips include:

~Pack Your Lunch: You may need to plan your meals more carefully if you’re working out during lunch. Eat a light snack (such as yogurt and fruit) about an hour before your workout and then eat your normal lunch later. Another option is to eat part of your lunch an hour or two before you exercise and the rest later in the day.

~Schedule Your Workout: Look at your week and choose the day(s) with the fewest obstacles in your path for a lunchtime workout. Schedule it in your calendar just like you would any other appointment.

~Keep your gym bag ready: Keep a gym bag at the office or in your car so you’re always ready for a workout. If you don’t have access to a gym, all you need is a pair of shoes for a low-sweat walking workout. If you’re doing something more vigorous and don’t have a shower handy, use no rinse body wipes, wear sweat-wicking clothes to keep you cool and dry and use a dry shampoo to get fresh, clean hair without water.

gym bag

~Be Creative: I once had a co-worker who used a conference room every day for her own aerobics session (with the boss’s okay, of course). In my office days, I would sometimes wear my exercise clothes under my work clothes (when possible) for a quick change in the bathroom. Another friend suggested leaving essentials in your car (money for coffee or snacks, a file you’ll need later in the day, etc.) and taking the stairs to get them throughout the day. Think of your own creative ways to make exercise more accessible as well as necessary to get the job done

Ultimately the people who win, who achieve victory in Life are the people who are committed to it.

They outlast everybody else.

Because quite frankly all success in business, all success in relationships, all success in life comes at the end of the road of commitment!”

Chris Widener


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