Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Outcome and Performance Goals

Goals, goals, goals…

Every one keeps telling us about goals and sometimes, we just get it all wrong and get terribly frustrated about it… like when we confuse outcome with performance goal. So you want to lose weight and you give yourself a lofty goal of losing 20 pounds in the next two months. The chances are that you will fail at your goal, feel horrible about yourself and give up on your dream to be thinner and healthier. But… wait a minute! Maybe that was your goal: being thinner and healthier. What if that was your goal?

Actually, more than likely, the outcome you desire is to be thinner and healthier. In all reality, it doesn’t matter that much how many pounds you lose if you get to the place where you like what you see in the mirror and you feel better, right? But how do you make that happen? With performance goals.

It is necessary for us to determine what we want the outcome to be. That is always the most important point–that’s what we really care about. So think about your “goal,” and try to expand it a bit–is that what you really want, or is it just the outward manifestation of what you really want? Wait until it is clear in your mind what it is you want.

Next, decide what first step is necessary in order to get what you really want. Write it down. Break it down into activities you can perform. Break it down again. And again. And again. And then, just start…

breakfastSo if we stay with our example of wanting to lose 20 pounds in two months, your first step might be to redefine your outcome as “being thinner and healthier.” Then, you might realize that you need to change the way you eat, you think and you move.  Breaking the first necessary change down into activities, you may want to make a list that might look like this:

~eat a good breakfast every day

~eat a large salad for lunch every day

~no desserts, etc…

Picking the first one apart, you might write down:

~make sure I get up early enough to eat breakfast

~make sure I include a protein

~stop when I am full

Picking the first on apart, you might write down:

alarm~go to bed earlier

~set an alarm

And then, you can keep breaking it down until you have specific activities that you need to do and you can clearly tell if you did them or not.

Your outcome will be successful if your small performance goals get realized, one at a time, over and over again.

It really is that simple…


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