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Self Talk

More than we know, we really are what we think. And unfortunately, our bad thinking habits can be keeping us from a consistent exercise program or from walking away from the 4 pm snack attack.  Figuring out distorted thinking patterns can make life way happier, and easier… Recognizing the negative self-talks and their patterns is truly half the battle; to change them is the other half. That part will take a lot of work, and maybe even the help of a life coach–shameless plug! For now, here are some self-talks that you might be in the habit of entertaining; recogni

Perfectionism – In other words,  unrealistic expectations. Like getting down on yourself because you only lost five pounds instead of ten; this is somewhat of a distorted thinking. You will benefit a lot more from giving yourself credit for your success, no matter how small it is! If you’ve started exercising, that alone is cause for celebration! And if you’re seeing some results, that’s even better. Everything you do that makes you healthier is a success.  Focus on that and take some time to make sure your goal is realistic.

doghomewarikThe Blame Game – I can’t workout today because the gym is too far away, the weather is bad, the dog ate my homework…Blaming external factors makes it easy for us to avoid taking responsibility for our  own choices.  If you’re not working out, it’s up to you to figure out why you’re not sticking to your program. Maybe you don’t like going to a gym…or maybe your workouts are too hard. Once you figure out the problem, you can take steps to rectify the situation.  Why do you not exercise?  Finding out your reasons might help you change your approach.

I’m a Loser, Baby – Many of us equate self-worth with success. Losing weight means we’re good, failing to lose weight means we’re bad and no one will love us. If you feel like a failure all the time, it’s almost inevitable that you will fail. Remember: what you look like is just one aspect of who you are.  Focus on the whole YOU, and not just what your body looks like; you surely are more than skin deep!  Don’t forget it: you are fabulous, Baby!

It’s Not Fair! – Have you ever wondered, “Why can’t I look like that person?”  Comparing ourselves to so-and-so just sets us up for seriously depressing thoughts.  Instead of tearing yourself down, boost your own ego by thinking about how great you are (and you are, darling).

I Hate My (insert unsightly body part here)! – If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and said, “Oh my god, are those my thighs?” it’s time to take a a step back. We all have a body part we love to hate, but remember that your body allows you to walk, run, squat, and jump. Let’s talk about the body parts you love!

It is only when we become aware of what we are actually thinking about ourselves that we can begin to tweak our thoughts.  So it might be a good idea to start thinking about what we are thinking about, and stop telling lies to ourselves!  I say we are worth so much more than that!



Comments on: "Self Talk" (3)

  1. Jacque Benhart said:

    Oh HaPPy daY, is the one when you realize your value and cash in on all the potential deep inside the life you are living! Thanks Barb for your words…another really cool way to eat right…pretend you have a gallbladder issue and tell everyone you cannot eat any FAT. It is working for me.

  2. Nancy Kestin said:

    Thanks for your timely comments. I’ve been struggling with myself over my failure to gain weight as a consequence of recent bouts of pneumonia. I want so much to feel better NOW. No patience and frustration over every little thing are so ingrained. Your comments are so true. Thank you again for writing the helpful information you do. I really appreciate it.

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