Bringing Wellness Full Circle

So you really don’t feel like working out but you know you should move. Or your shoulders are dead from yesterday’s workout and you are pretty sure you can’t make them work again today. Or you are on a business trip and forgot to pack your workout clothes… What to do?

Just. Walk.

walking 1

So simple, isn’t it? There are so many benefits of walking, one of which is that it’s an all-around aerobic exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere, and it requires no equipment—besides good shoes! Another great benefit is that it pretty much helps you clear your head, especially if you get to walk outside.

Here is my short but sweet list of tips to help you get the most of your walks:

~Walk fast enough to make your heart beat faster, but you should still be able to talk, even if it is laborious.

~ Walk heel down first, then toes down.  At first, it might take a lot of concentration to do so–I had to tell myself with each step, “Heel, toe. Heel. toe”–but after a while, it will become second nature.

~Good form includes your head erect, your stomach in and your arms freely swinging at your side.

~You can estimate your speed by counting the numbers of steps you take in 15 seconds; 15 steps is about 2 miles/hour, 23 is about 3 miles/hour, and 30 is about 4 miles/hour.

~Remember to wear reflective clothing on darker days

~Add some hills, sprints, jumps if you need to be challenged; interval training outside is one of the best!

walking 2That’t it!


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  1. […] mindful of maintaining good posture while you’re walking. Hold your abdominal muscles in tight. Keep your chest lifted and your chin parallel to the ground […]

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