Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Because in the fitness field as well as in all of life, questions are good. Very good actually.

eggplantBecause not everyone is honest (really?), and information can easily be tweaked to say what one wants it to say. If for example you read a “scientific”study that declares that pink and yellow eggplants laced with this new miracle drug will make you lose 10 lbs a week, and even if there are testimonies to back the research up, it might be smart to ask out who funded the research; could be the new miracle drug…

Because not everyone is thorough, or mistake-proof. If for example your trainer tells you that this specific exercise won’t hurt your knees but they are killing you while you are performing it, you might want to ask her/him why it hurts so much…

Because not everyone is as knowledgeable as they seem. If for example your nutritionist tells you to eat sugar 5 times a day because it gives you energy, you might want to ask him/her what else it will give you…

You get my point.


Questions are good. Because at the end of the day, you and you alone are responsible for your body. And you and you alone will reap the benefits of what you choose, or the nasty consequences. Just sayin’…


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