Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Food Gives and Takes

Food is vital.

Food is good.

Food gives us what we need to function and be all that we can be.

Without it we die. Right?


Well, yes on all counts if we are talking about real food.

“Food” defined loosely either gives or takes away–either we wind up with more of the right kind of energy to help us function in life, or we wind up needing to put all of our energy into just staying awake. It’s all in what we call food.

So here is my ridiculously simple guide:

GIVING FOOD is pretty much anything you can imagine got from its origin to your mouth in 3 or less steps. Unprocessed vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, nuts.

photo (10)

TAKING FOOD is everything else, but especially sugar, alcohol, refined white products (bread, rice, pastas).

There really is no magic, and nothing happens in isolation in our bodies!  We can’t eat whatever we feel like eating and expect our bodies to give us 100 %. It just doesn’t work that way. We can fool ourselves for a while maybe, but eventually, the body becomes depleted of what it needs and we just don’t function at our best anymore. And this happens progressively, so we might not really notice it until one day, we just feel like crap… The solution? Go back to Giving Foods.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?


Comments on: "Food Gives and Takes" (4)

  1. John Ebanks said:


    I really enjoy your blog, thanks!

    My question on gives and takes, why does vinegar take?  Acidity?



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