Bringing Wellness Full Circle


We like watching winners.  We like having winners as friends.  When giving a choice between winning and losing, we usually always chose winning. We all want to be winners, right?

But winning isn’t easy.

You can choose to win, but that doesn’t really mean that you will win.  It just means that you choose to pursue winning.  It’s like joining the local gym.  Just because you decide to pay the monthly fee doesn’t mean you’re going to get fit–it’s all about what you do after you’ve made the commitment.

And much of that has to do with what happens between your two ears: You have to control what you think about…  That’s an “all the time” thing too.  What you think about, you become.  That’s a rule that always checks out. If you don’t adopt winning perspectives you won’t be a winner.  You might win a few times, but you won’t really be a winner.

It really is that simple…

Of course, there is lots more to winning, like endurance, individuality, curiosity, belief, wonder, courage, compassion, vision, learning, adaptability and probably a zillion other things. But if you don’t have the right thinking, you can’t even start. Ever met someone who always finds the “silver lining” in his/her situation?  No matter what happens, they come out with more passion and dedication. Well, that’s not by accident–it’s a choice. They are choosing a winning way of life. Just sayin’…


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