Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Facing the Truth

I am sure you heard me say this before:

Physical Health isn’t just the outcome of eating right and working out. 

Yet so often, we want to improve our physical health without being willing to address mental, spiritual or emotional part of who we are.  And it isn’t working. Because realistically, most of our answers aren’t that cut and dry. All the different parts of us intermingle in life, and it is often an imbalance in one area that causes a problem in a totally different area.

No one ever goes to bed with a flat tummy and wakes up with fat rolls all over, right?  We don’t just  wake up one day in our current shape (physically, mentally, emotionally). It is what it is because of reasons. And these reasons are more than physical.


Maybe you have a belly pouch as a result from too much ice cream or beer, but it is also possible that those have been consumed because they help you release stress. Trying to just “quit it!” isn’t going to make it all go away.

Or your chiseled abs may be the result of workouts coupled with specific nutrition, but the motivation behind was not because you want to be healthy, but rather your obsessive need to be admired. And that goes way deeper than nice looking abs.




What you and I are today has evolved from certain life patterns which we actually created to meet mental, spiritual or emotional needs. No, it’s not the neighbor’s fault, it’s not purely genetics, it’s not McDonald’s fault, or all about the weather that won’t cooperate.

You and I are what we are because of the choices we made, and these have been made in view of specific motivations. So to have a different outcome, we must first address what we want, why we want it and why we are where we are in the first place.

Basic truth, not always fun to face. But truth. And it needs to be faced.



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