Bringing Wellness Full Circle


Let’s talk about guilt, shall we?

Because to be honest, way too many people are unhappy about their lives and have some kind of either mental, spiritual or emotional issue that keeps them feeling guilty for not doing things they “feel obligated” to be doing, but don’t want to do. They feel guilty  for taking a break or doing something for themselves. But realistically, it is healthy and necessary to nurture ourselves and care for our personal wellness. In fact it is more selfish not to, because down the road we will develop multiple medical needs due to inadequate self-care.

Guilt serves as a self-imposed prison for people with good intentions to check themselves into. This happens when people fail to meet the standards they have set for themselves. Well-meaning people hold themselves back when they check into the “prison of guilt.” Guilt sends people rushing back to the coping behaviors that got them where they are in the first place.

Personal acceptance is an important key to unlock our potential.  Let’s not “should” on ourselves. Let’s allow ourselves the freedom to enjoy the life we have.

Successful people don’t really suffer from the catch-22 of guilt leading to lack of progress. They don’t let what they “should” have done hold them back. When we begin to accept that we are okay just as we are, we empower ourselves to move forward.

Living healthy, happy, and fit always requires something of us. It needs to become something we enjoy, look forward to, and live on a daily basis! Not a short-term fix, something to dread, or a painful sacrifice. We can choose to create expectancy over the new things we get to do, and release anything we consider simply as an obligation to be fulfilled. And to be totally honest, we all know that we only get from our efforts what we put into them.  No investment, no return!  But guilt? Forget it! It just slows you down every.single. time.

We can begin to be happy right where we are, on purpose. We so don’t have to wait for sometime in the future to be happy; we can enjoy life right now. We can live life out loud, with no more restricting, no more failure, and no more guilt. Once we accept where we are, we become FREE to move forward to anywhere we choose!

In many ways, we are the ones who hold this key.


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  1. Bonnie Ebanks said:

    Thanks Barbara!!

    Bonnie Ebanks Sent from my iPhone

  2. […] Guilt ( […]

  3. I agree!
    We can be our own worst enemy at times.
    Thanks for sharing with the HomeAcre Hop! Hope to see you again on Thursday

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