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“Mother Earth???”

I do not believe that the earth is my mother. I do not “worship”the earth in any way.

There, I said it.


That being said, though, I do think that it’s important to consider the earth in relation to us, human beings.

In the “olden days,” the earth itself with all of its rhythms was the sole means of sustenance: grains, vegetables, livestock, fruits were all cultivated on the land under the feet of those who lived there. They ate in season and according to the weather, whether they liked it or not Thunderstorm? No crops. Drought? Shriveled vegetables. They learned to salt, dry and cool harvested crops for those rough periods. Living and eating in harmony with nature was the only way to survive.


Then food became a business, a commodity. Mass production became necessary, so the environment had to be manipulated.

But the earth is a living thing, you know.

The earth is nicknamed “Mother Earth” because it is supposed to nurture us. Feed us from its soil. That’s what God intended. He made it to contain within itself all that is necessary to grow good, healthy and useful-for-the-human-body-food. He made it to contain within itself all that is necessary for the care and growth of the animals whose flesh we eat. He made it to contain all that is necessary for the healing of our bodies in the producing of plants, herbs, flowers, and so on.

From the soil of the earth out to the seed and the fruit. Life truly happens from the inside out.

So when food became a commodity, the soil (earth) had to be manipulated so it could mass produce food that would look good and be available in every season.  The soil was chemically altered, and a lot was lost in the trade…

But our bodies use the food we eat to rebuild and renew its tissues. And this food we eat, that’s all our bodies have to work with. So when it’s chemically altered, we get in trouble. Because there really is life in our food. Or not. It simply depends on the earth is was grown in. If we strip the soil from all its nutrients, it can’t grow anything good. If it doesn’t grow anything good, we don’t get to eat anything good, and neither do the animals that we eventually eat. In other words, when the earth is depleted of its natural energy through chemical, this depletion is passed on to our food. There is an intimate connection between the life-giving content of the soil and the life-giving content of the foods it brings forth. And if the body is not receiving food from the earth that builds it up, guess what? It is pulling itself down…

There is no magic in life.

In the beginning, God made us out of dirt–the earth.  We are actually made up of all the elements of the earth, the mineral properties of this planet. Could diseases often just be a deficiency resulting from an imbalance win the natural environment? Most digestive problems today can be tracked back to the presence in our soil of manufactured sprays and preservatives and heavy metallic material which are taken into plant and animal life, ingested and carried into our own intestinal tracts, causing all kinds of problems.

From dust we came and to dust we go. While here, we all obtain our nourishment from the earth, one way or another. And we Americans are undernourished –overfed but under-nourished.. Which totally could explain the obesity problem we are having in the USA: when the body is satisfied with real food, it does not overeat or crave; when unsatisfied because it is not getting the minerals it needs, the body eats more food until it has an illusion of being satisfied.

Bottom line: our bodies are formed out of what we eat. So now that the earth does not give us all that is necessary because we have changed it in order to mass produce, we eat food that is impoverished  and disease crops ups because our bodies function at a diminished level. It makes sense to me.

I’m growing my own veggies this year.


Comments on: "“Mother Earth???”" (4)

  1. I’m right with you, girl. One does not have to worship the earth to accord its function the proper place God gave it in our lives. Like a mother, the earth provides the building blocks for our lives. If we contaminate it, we contaminate ourselves. I’m growing my own, too, and they are YUMMY!

  2. […] “Mother Earth” did not make food the way it is now. And I have become concerned about the long-term health effects of all the chemicals, hormones, pesticides and junk used in the growth of non-organic foods. And really, we should. Because there is more and more of all of these in our foods, and the results don’t seem to be too wonderful.  I am also wondering about the environmental impact of industrial farming practices that degrade soils, contaminate waterways, increase greenhouse-gas emissions, contribute to a dependency on fossil fuels, and encourage bacterial resistance to antibiotics. […]

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