Bringing Wellness Full Circle

In the alphabet of health, M simply has to be for movement. Because really, there is no health apart from movement.

If I wanted to get a bit philosophical on you, life isn’t life apart from some kind of movement, because life is defined by growth, going forward, developing–movement. If we don’t move, we die.


Not all movement is seen on the outside, though. And most movements start on the inside, whether they are physical or not.  When I decide to move forward intellectually and go to college, the process of making that decision was movement long before it manifests in the physical realm.  When I lift my arm, the movement started long before my arm is seen being lifted. My brain had to decide to move my arm, my muscles had to obey my brain, etc…




In what we call “the olden days,” people spent much more time moving their bodies than we  do today. Their entire existence revolved around survival, which motivated them to move physically from dawn to dusk: hunt for the meat, work the earth for crops, use all possible resources to build a home that is safe and keeps them protected from the weather and animals, kill the fowl, grind the wheat, beat the laundry, etc…

And you know what? They did not need weight training sessions, or aerobic classes, or boot camp.  If they were around today, they would look at our attempts to get fit and have a great laugh. They might just hand us an ax and tell us to go chop some wood… Life made them fit. Movement made them fit.

They also would think us insane for sitting on our butts eight hours a day, then come home and lay on the couch all night watching junk on tv and filling our bellies with even more junk.  And then take a sleeping pill. I can picture them totally confused by what we call the good life. And wondering if we all just went nuts.

We now find that children have “nature deficit disorder.”  Yep, it has a name now. In my book, it’s called not-going-out-and-living-life-the-way-it-was-meant-to-be-lived. That’s enough to make a person sick if you ask me. Or insane.

Just sayin’

Let’s slow the insanity down a bit but moving more, shall we? Who is with me?





Comments on: "The Alphabet of Health: M is for MOVEMENT" (2)

  1. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

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