Bringing Wellness Full Circle

In the Alphabet of Health, L has to be for laughter.

Laughter is the nectar that makes everyday life delicious. Its sweetness travels all the way down to our toes and changes how we perceive all that is around us. Laughter is more contagious than flu any day. It makes people flock together and it binds them together as they share an intimate moment of happiness.

Laughter is the strongest antidote I know. It knows how to gently reduce or put in their right place very real things like self-importance, sadness, stress, physical pain, the feeling of being overwhelmed, loneliness, self-pity  and hopelessness.

Laughter is good for us. Physically, it relaxes the whole  body, releases “happy hormones,” and even boosts the immune system! Socially, it strengthens relationships, enhances teamwork, makes attractive and even helps diffuse conflict. Mentally, laughter adds a bit of zest to life, eases anxiety, improves mood and even relieves stress.

Without laughter, we might forget to be thankful. And to see how beautiful things really are. And to breathe deep and life fully.

And to love.


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