Bringing Wellness Full Circle

I know, I know, what does joy have to do with health? Well, realistically, on the one hand, nothing at all. But realistically, on the other hand, joy has everything to do with health.

It goes in both directions:

~If you want to become or stay healthy, it is really because your joy level goes up with health.

~If you want to become joyful or stay full of joy, you better be healthy, because sick people, or people ridden with pain have a very hard time being joyful.

And when all is said and done, isn’t your life all about enjoying yourself and being all that you were created to be? And that has to include joy.

Something to think about…



Comments on: "The Alphabet of Heatlh-J is for JOY!" (2)

  1. John Ebanks said:

    love your posts

    Bonnie Ebanks


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