Bringing Wellness Full Circle

People always give you advice and opinions: you really should do this, or that, or don’t ever listen to him…blah blah blah… and many of us don’t really want any advice; we are happy doing just what we want to do, what we think works best for us. And that really isn’t a bad way to live!

But sometimes, advice is useful. And if today you want some, for whatever it’s worth, here are some of mine as far as health and fitness. And some of my opinions as well.

1.Exercising is one of the kindness things you can do for yourself. When you exercise, you remind your body what it was made to do, and you remind yourself that movement feels good. And when you exercise, you are giving yourself a better quality of life for now and for all of your tomorrows.

2.Perfection is an illusion. It matters very much that you should do your best at all of life, from how you talk to your kids to how you do a squat, but the fact that you are not perfect at it and that you blow it just announces to all of us that you are human. And we already knew that. Maybe it announces it to you?

3.If you aren’t happy with your body do something about it, but love it always. There is a big difference between taking action because you desire a change, and taking action because you hate yourself and you won’t be satisfied until you see the change. There is a good chance that the change will come if you apply yourself, but if that change is what makes you love yourself, your view is a bit skewed, don’t you think? Let’s do what we do because we are worth it now, not so that we can be worth something later.

4.Eat REAL food. If your grand’ma would not recognize the ingredients, it’s probably not real. In the “olden days,” they ate what they picked from a tree, dug from the ground, fished, killed, grew… and they were healthier, happier, and had a whole lot less obesity issues and mental sicknesses. Just sayin’..


5.Work hard, stay humble. This one is really, really useful for all of life.

6.Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Smash your scale. This comes back to #3. If you don’t begin by accepting and loving yourself, your foundation is wrong.

7.The type of exercise you enjoy is the type you’ll continue doing. This is a no-brainer. Find out what you like to do and stick with it. Go ahead and experiment with lots of stuff, but don’t make yourself hate what you are doing; you won’t stick to it!

Boot Camp 073

8.You are your own worst critic. Relax a bit. Nobody is perfect. We are all on the same journey.

9.Friends don’t let friends fat talk. Reread #6. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Don’t let people put you down; it’s not funny. Make sure your friends celebrate you rather than degrade you.

10.Modesty is sexy. Like I said, it’s my opinion; take it or leave it.

11. You are beautiful. Every part of you, even those you don’t love.

That’s it… Do you have any advice/opinion to add to my list?


Comments on: "My Best Advice and Opinion" (4)

  1. Susan Kahle said:

    Great advice Barb!!:)

  2. WOW. This is the REAL TRUTH. Thank you for not being afraid to tell it like it is instead of what we see (size 0 really exists?!?). Beauty is inside and reflects out no matter the size or shape! Thanks for sharing at FrugalFitFamily!

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  4. #7 on this list is so true. When I take a few days off from exercising, I always start to crave my favorite workout (dancing/zumba) and that’s how I know I’m doing the right thing. If I love it, I’ll keep coming back to it and it doesn’t really feel like “work”.

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