Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Did you know that both in the body and in your food, some fat is good, and some fat is bad?

In the body, we have something called BROWN FAT, and it’s actually very good for you. The more you have, the better off you are. For real! Brown fat has a ccompletely different origin than white fat, and is in fact very different than the love-handle kind of fat. Brown fat is really your friend, working like a furnace because it is a heat-generating kind of fat that burns energy instead of storing it! It knows how to waste extra calories!  What boosts brown fat? Cold temperatures and exercise! So you still aren’t off the hook…



In food, bad fat makes you fat and good fat makes you healthier. Bad Fat gets broken down into smaller particles of fat and gets absorbed as fat; good Fat provides fatty acids, needed for brain function and contributes to the structure and functionality of every cell in the human body and they help to maintain metabolic rate. Actually, deficiencies of omega-3s (good fats found in flaxseed, walnut, soybean oil, salmon) are linked to obesity!




So it’s important to differentiate between fat and fat. Because not all fat is bad. But some is..



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