Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Higher Purpose

For the sake of this article, I am going to assume that you (and I) are trying to eat healthy most  of the time.  My question is simply, “Why?”

Is it simply because we want a longer life, a skinnier life, a disease-free life, a leaner, stronger body?  Or because it eases our consciences? I know that probably sounds pretty lame, but I am not so sure that this isn’t true for many of us…

So you spend a ton of energy sculpting a skinny body, but what’s your skinny body for? Just so you can look in the mirror and smile? What gift are you here to give others? Or you work very hard at becoming a vegetarian; so what? How is it going to make your life more meaningful?

I am thinking that good nutrition needs to have more of a purpose than good health, because health by itself doesn’t always have meaning. I mean, living is about more than health, isn’t it? We need a reason, a purpose for being here on planet earth. A healthy body has to have purpose, because we are more than our bodies. We actually are a spirit that has a mind and lives in a body for now. Your body is what carries you around. It’s really a gift. The purpose of the gift is more than health, isn’t it? It’s so that you can be all that you were meant to be.

Nothing wrong with having personal physical goals and reaching for them; I am all about that myself. Go for it! But when this becomes your only reason for doing what you do with your body, maybe things have become somewhat out of balance… Maybe you forgot that your life has a lot more meaning than that.


As corny as it sounds, you are here for a reason. The world needs you. It wants you, your gift, your talents, your service, your heart, your mind, and your creative potential fulfilled. And the world isn’t that interested in whether or not you’ve been eating low fat or high fiber, or if you finally lost the 5 pounds.

So yes, let’s eat healthy, look good, sculpt our bodies and have lots of energy. But we can’t stop there. We have to have a reason beyond all that. We ought to make a difference because of that.


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  1. I agree-you do need a deeper purpose for eating the way you eat. I work at eating healthy because I like the way I feel when I do. Having my clothes fit better is just a side benefit. 🙂 Thanks for joining us at NOBH!

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