Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Sometimes, it’s really, really good to voice the positive things in our lives. Like breathing, you know? We take it for granted, but without it, well… you’re dead! I’m pretty sure we can all come up with more than seven reasons to love our bodies, but it’s a great number to start with. So here we go:

1. Your body carries you around

We all know that it’s only a shell, it’s not the real “us,” yet without it we are pretty much… dead! Our bodies are the thing that helps us get around, communicate with people, accomplish what our minds are set on. Without them, we are screwed!

2. Movement brings you joy

Think about the exhilaration of a great game of soccer, or a swim in the pool, or a walk in the woods, or a hot night with your partner…  Movement makes us feel alive, and it is wonderful.

3.  Your body lets you experience food

Whether it’s ice cream that makes you tick, or filet mignon, or raw vegetables, food is just fun! Most of our social engagements revolve around food, but even if it wasn’t for them, we still would eat a few times a day, and not only for nourishment. We eat because it is pleasurable… No food if there is no body!

4. Moving your body helps keep your brain sharp

Exercise stimulates the creation of new brain cells and reduces the risk of age-related thinking or memory problems.

5. You can be the boss of it at many levels

By choosing wisely what you eat and how you move and treat this body of yours, you can totally change its shape and how it feels. How cool is that?

6. It takes care of you if you take care of it! 

Give it good veggies and some exercise, and your immune system will fight off diseases 24/7 for you!

7. It lets you hugs your kids

I think that’s pretty neat.

Can you think of other reasons to love and care for your body? Let’s hear them! 


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