Bringing Wellness Full Circle

A healthy lifestyle is a serious journey that involves life-long changes, managing a range of emotions, overcoming food addictions, a healthy mind and so many other challenges. It’s a one-step-at-a-time kind of life. It’s a lifestyle in which you don’t want to forget having fun and feeling alive, or you are losing the point!

Here is my little list of what matters in order to move into and remain in a healthy lifestyle:

1. Make a commitment. Trying anything does not work. Having a set mind and making a life-long, daily commitment to persistently do whatever it takes to be healthy and fit does.  Commitment is the single most important success factor. Commitment creates persistence. It’s not, “I want to” or “I’ll try.” It’s, “I WILL find the way!”

2. Take back control and go for your goal. Setting goals and visualizing yourself moving in them provides powerful guidance and motivation. But it’s important to imagine your future goal with positive excitement and anticipation, as opposed to feeling something’s lacking in the present.

3. Get right in the swing of a structured routine. You can’t change your life without a do-able plan. You know the saying: if you fail to plan, you are surely planning to fail. So plan for the necessary lifestyle changes, such as what food to buy and eat, when you’ll exercise and who to go to for support, and get into your new routine.

4. Eat healthy for your perfect size For looking and feeling great, healthy eating is even more important than weight loss. And in the long run, eating healthy calories helps you lose weight naturally. Focus on high fiber foods, low glycemic loads meals, low fat protein, and drinking loads of water.

5. Exercise some fat away every single day. Daily exercise is important for health. Duh? Exercise increases metabolism, burns calories, improves muscle tone and relieves stress. At least a half-hour a day of healthy physical activity can include walking, low impact aerobics, yoga, martial arts, swimming and strength training. Don’t skimp on strength training as it will build muscle and increase your metabolism!

6. Think healthy, not numerically. Forget past failures, and don’t fixate on the numbers on the scale. Concentrate on good, healthy foods and don’t eat when you are full.

7. Manage time and food so you don’t delude. Good time management and food awareness are essential for a healthy lifestyle. To change your body you must change the food that goes into your mouth and how you spend your time.

8. Give up starvation and hard deprivation. That’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

9. Don’t let your mood determine your food intake. Emotion, rather than hunger, is the cause of at least 75% of overeating “comfort” and junk food. But using food to celebrate or “fill the void” caused by depression, fatigue, loneliness, feeling sorry for yourself or boredom is a habit that can be broken. Instead of reaching for food, develop new alternative habits such as reading a book, going for a walk, talking to friends, listening to music, watching a movie, taking a bath, writing in your diary, meditating or praying, cleaning or gardening, doing relaxing exercise.

10. A slow and steady pace is how to win the race. Lifestyle changes take time. Give yourself permission to take it slow. Slow and steady wins the race, we all know that.

11. Let failures teach you instead of defeat you. Yes, you’ll mess up. Accept it and catch lapses and relapses before they become collapses. Learn to recognize a lapse early and nip it in the bud before it derails your new habits.

12. Reward with fun for a job well done. Celebrate your success! Whatever makes you tick!

13. Think about what you are thinking about. You will never ever live above your thoughts, so more than anything, you are what you think!

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