Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Sometimes I hate it. Most times I don’t want to get started. But I really, really love exercising and what it does to my body and my mind. So here are some reasons why:


1. Makes me feel alive

2. Gives me hope for a long, active life

3. Makes me able to do things I could not do before

4. Makes me feel in control

5. Keeps me from getting sick a lot

6. Keeps my weight within normal ranges

7. Makes me enjoy everyday stuff more

8. Gives me more options

9. Removes fears from my heart

10. Boots my immune system

11. Boosts my mood

12.Helps me keep up with my kids

13. Gives me a whole community of friends

14. Gives me more discipline

15. Builds endurance in my mind

16. Builds endurance in my body

17. Adds balance to my day

18. Helps me deal with frustrations

19. Makes me feel younger

20. Helps me relate to some people

21. Sets me up for a good day

22. Makes me proud of myself

23. Makes me eat better

24. Gave me new friends

25. Gives me energy

26. Challenges me

27. Keeps me flexible

28. Makes me aware of my health

29.Makes me more thankful

30. Is fun

Wanna add to the list? Your turn!


Comments on: "30 Reasons I Love to Exercise" (3)

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  2. […] is one of the kindness things you can do for yourself. When you exercise, you remind your body what it was made to do, and you remind yourself that movement feels good. And […]

  3. […] Yes, kicking is great exercise. Kickboxing will cause you to burn zillions of calories, and help you release lots and lots of stress. There is just something about hitting a heavy bag with gloved hands or a strong foot. If you have never tried it, do it! You might just love it! […]

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