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Resolution Success

So… the new year has arrived and we are living in it fully now. How are you doing on these resolutions, or goals?


Here’s a bit of motivation for you:

1. Focus on the Process: Almost every goal focuses on an outcome, such as losing 40 pounds or running a marathon. Instead, focus on the process that will get you there. This means that your goal should focus on what you will do, translating your wish list into specific actions. For example, try “I will eat clean 90 % of every meal”  instead of “losing 40 pounds.”

2. Make It DailyYour best bet for success is turning your goals/resolution into a daily actions, so that they become a habit. “Exercise 10 minutes a day”  is way better than “Go to the gym every week at some point.”

3. Visualize: It may sound like weird new age stuff, but visualizing yourself doing your resolution/goal does help. When you visualize, your brain “practices” your action. Musicians and athletes use this to improve their performance, and you can use it to increase your success. Just spend a few moments picturing yourself eating less, exercising more or relaxing, or whatever it is you are wanting for yourself this year. Make it vivid — picture sites, smells, and sounds.

4. Feel It: You need to feel the benefits of your resolution in your body. That means pay attention to how your body feels. Is your goal/resolution improving your sleep, mood or energy level? Does it remove stress from your life? Are you seeing benefits? As you feel your progress, you will be encouraged to go on. 

5. Commit: Nothing works if you don’t commit to it. Write down a sentence that says what you are going to do in the new year. Once you write it down, tell everyone about your plans. The more people you tell, the better your chance for success –they can hold you accountable to your pledge, and you can feel an increased sense of needing to stand by your word.

Now go do it!


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