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The Alphabet of Health–C

C is for Core

You hear it everywhere: the core is the powerhouse of the body. If you have a weak core, you can’t do anything, ya di ya di ya…  But you know what? It’s true! You really do need a strong core for everyday life, for avoiding injuries, for living your life fully. So let’s talk about it a bit today.

Basically, your core is the muscular system that provides strength to stabilize and move all of your body parts. It is the link between the upper and lower extremities. It includes:

  • your abs (upper, lower and obliques, internal and external),
  • your hips  which have 29 muscles that are responsible for stabilizing, transferring and producing/reducing force when your feet are on the ground.
  • your back: its muscles are responsible for supporting posture and creating motion, coordinating muscle actions and maintaining stability.

The center of your body (your core) basically is responsible for the process and the outcome of any type of movement or activity. You can’t throw a ball without a core, nor can you pick up your kid without your core. So, no matter how hard you train your biceps and thighs, if your core is weak, you’re screwed…

Bottom line: Training your core MUST be a fundamental part of your exercise program!


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