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Stress Strategies 101

Holidays are here, and it should be all fun and games and family times and laughter, but some of us experience serious stress right about now.  Stress makes you cranky, makes you fatter, makes you older and not fun to be around, not even yourself. I figured this would be a good time for this post about some basic strategies to help you right now…

1. Give up the Guilt! 

So your life is out of balance right now, but you know what? That’s just the way it is. So much to do, so little time… Here’s a no-brainer for you: not everything needs to be done every single day. So there’s a bit of dust on your table–who cares? It will all even out at the end.

2. Good is Good Enough

Your Christmas cookies don’t have to be perfect, and the gifts don’t have to be exquisitely wrapped.  Be happy with 80 %. People will remember the fun they had with you, not your gitf wrapping abilities… Hours of your life are wasted and nobody notices the difference but you. Get over yourself and take a step closer to acceptance.

3. If You Don’t Snooze, You Lose
Exhaustion is not a badge of honor. Without sleep you are worthless to yourself and those around you. Staying up even one hour later to finish a task costs you more than your health. Try irritability, trouble retaining information, minor illness, poor judgment, increased mistakes and even weight gain. This is your wake up call to get your zzzzz’s.

5. Say No in Order to Say Yes 
Sure you’ve heard this before, but are you turning down those distractions disguised as opportunities? Are you still knocking yourself and saying YES to everyone around you even when you knwo it’s too much for you? It’s not selfish to say no to others when the intent is to clear some space to say Yes to you. Let me say it again: it’s not wrong to say NO sometimes.  Life does go on even if you aren’t involved in every activity, party or event. Look at it this way, being missed makes you more interesting and appreciated when you do show up.

6. Power “Off” to Turn Yourself On

The quickest way to gain downtime is to turn off phone, FB, TV and all that jazz and enjoy the lack of distractions. Rather than screen sucking, grab that unopened book from your shelf, call a good friend or grab a cup of your favorite beverage and reflect on your day–my kind of evening!

Last but not least: it’s not very easy to feel stress and be grateful at the same time. When you’re on overwhelm, simply take a deep breath, and count your blessings – works every time.


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  1. […] The solution? Basically, we need to start rebuilding good gut flora and try to restore the intestinal barrier. And much of this is done by diet: remove food toxins, eat lots of fiber, eat fermented food. As far as lifestyle, take the necessary steps to begin managing your stress. […]

  2. […] ~Non-negotiable Me Time, whatever taht means to you.  It will allow you to be there for others later, to think clearer, to sleep better, to perform at your peak at work.  Me time will release stress and enable you to handle life’s issues that come at you.  Me time is yours alone! No phone calls, no kids knocking on the door…  Schedule it into the family planner if necessary, and stick to it! […]

  3. […] do my best to deal with stress instead of ignoring it. Some stressful situations I can change, and those I do. Some I cannot, and […]

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