Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Man, days are flying by, aren’t they?  There were 97 days left in the year when we started this challenge on Sept 25th and we are down to 41. How can that be? Still, it’s 41 days, 41 opportunities to move forward in life. So, if you are just starting now, welcome!  We each pick up to five “items” or things or challenges we want to succeed in by the end of the year. I picked four and I told you that I would check in every two weeks and tell you how I was doing.

Here is my personal update:

1. Get rid of 2 pounds of belly fat ( I have a NEWAY plan for that): I have decided to kick the scale for a while (there is a blog post coming up on Wednesday about that), but I am diligent in staying away from white sugar and wheat. I am doing much better in my mind and my body this way. Much healthier mind-set

2. Set up my new business venture: It’s really coming along as I work on it 15 minutes a days five a week, and it is slowly taking shape. I am investigating more studying!  I even have a page on my website for it now!

3. Help my husband with his new business venture: Things are moving along! You can check it out at Bulldog Cigars.

4. Stick with Scripture memorization: I finished memorizing 1 Peter 1, and I am totally in shock that I did it!
So, I”ve been very honest with you here. Now it’s your turn! How are you doing on your plan? Coming along? Do you need to regroup? Let us know in the comment section. I can hardly wait, and I am rooting for you all the way!


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