Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Ok, so there were 97 days left in the year when we started this challenge on Sept 25th. There are now 83 left! Yikes!

I told you that I was going to ask you every two weeks how you are doing. In all fairness, I need to answer that question as well, so here it goes:

1. Get rid of 2 pounds of belly fat ( I have a NEWAY plan for that)

I am working on eating healthy and readjusting my body image, so I would say I am doing very well in this department.

2. Set up my new business venture (more on this later)

I am working on this 15 minutes five days a week, and it is slowly taking shape.

3. Help my husband with his

Yep, we are doing this! He had his first couple of cigar sales at Rich’s Humidor! 

4. Stick with Scripture memorization

Up to the first twelve verses of 1 Peter 1, and loving it.

Now it’s your turn! How are you doing on your plan? Coming along? Do you need to regroup? Let us know in the comment section. I can hardly wait, and I am rooting for you all the way!

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Comments on: "Barb’s Fit U End of the Year Challenge" (5)

  1. I love this, Bonnie! I will cheer you up all the way!

  2. 1. I will workout 5 of 7 days each week from now until the end of 2012.

    I have kept up the pace! I feel so much better when I get in a workout so I use that and this challenge to keep me motivated. I know the holidays are coming and I will get busier so I want to have my workout plan established before then to help me keep from making excuses to not workout.

    2. I will find 10 Healthy Freezer Meal Recipes that my kids will eat and make and keep at least 5 in my freezer for easy dinners when I’m short on time.

    This challenge is harder than I thought it would be but I am enjoying looking for and trying out recipes. In my freezer now I have a chicken casserole, meatballs and lasagna ready to go when I need a meal. I need to work on more recipes, keeping them in an easily accessible location and having the ingredients on hand to make the meals when I happen to find some time. I also want to find some easy meal ideas to go with staples in my freezer. For example, I cooked a chicken and shredded it for a couple meals. It made me think that I could also freeze the shredded chicken and use it in quick meals if I had some easy recipes and ingredients available. I seem to find a lot of recipe ideas, but never remember what they are when I’m rushing around at night trying to come up with dinner for the kids. I guess what I really need to work on is PLANNING!

    • Barbara Isaac said:

      doing great, Mary! How about keeping your recipes on EVERNOTE on your Iphone? It’s a great app for that!

  3. doing great!!!! I will pray.

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