Bringing Wellness Full Circle

A few days back, I wrote a post about fighting exercise boredom.  I figure I might as well continue and tell you some ways to get out of running boredom if you are a runner:

1. Play Beat the Clock I love doing this when I’m running an out-and-back route. Begin timing your run as soon as you start. At your turnaround point, hit the split button on your running watch/timer, or just take note of your time. Try increasing your pace on the way back, with the goal of beating your time for the first half.

2. Do a Random Interval Workout

Pick a landmark in the distance, such as a tree or a stop sign, and pick up the pace until you get to it. After you recover for a minute or two, choose another landmark and speed up again.

3. Do Some Hill Repeats

Plan a route that has at least one hill in it and, when you come to it, run up and down it a few times before moving on.

4. Get a Running Buddy

Do you usually run alone? Try to convince a friend or family member to come along with you — even if it’s just once a week. Even if they’re slower than you, you’ll find that helping someone else will help get you excited about running again.

5. Count ‘Em Up

I like to play mind games when I run: how many people with sweat pants will I see?  Can I find a boy’s name for each letter of the alphabet?  And a girl’s?  Before you know it, your run will be over!

6. Be a Friendly Runner

If you normally keep to yourself during your runs, try to be more of an extrovert. You’ll be amazed at how some people react to a simple hello or a big smile from a passing runner. The positive vibes you generate will help keep you motivated for the rest of your run.


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