Bringing Wellness Full Circle

Those of you who know me know that I have a very low tolerance for exercise boredom.  I need serious variety to keep me going!

Today, I thought we’d talk about ways to help you break free from any fitness rut you might be in.

1. Switch the type of workout you do every few weeks; it will also keep your muscles guessing, which is a very good thing!

2. Hire a trainer!  If you are in a rut, the right trainer will be a huge motivator and will help you find a different, and most likely, more effective, workout.  By the way, I know one if you need one!

3. Get competitive.  Goals can do wonder for an exercise lift!  A specific competitive goal can really change your focus and motivation and jump start your workout routine. Sign up for a 5K race, join a recreational league or team, make a bet with a friend or with yourself to accomplish a fitness goal.


4. Add Music.  Something with a great beat is sure to get your heart pumping and keep you motivated so you exercise longer.  Pick a style you like and go to it!

5. Track Your Progress.  By writing down your exercise, time and intensity, you are more likely to look forward to workouts and follow your results over time.  There are a lot of exercise apps out there that can keep you going, just because you want the numbers to be pretty!

6. Have an Exercise Buddy.  You might find that you do better being a social exercise.  If you always exercise alone, try exercising with a buddy—it can be a lot of fun, and very motivational!  Ask the people at my gym; we have so much fun as we sweat together.  Group exercise classes are fantastic. Not only do you benefit from an instructor pushing you for the entire hour or so, you also benefit from someone else setting your exercise schedule for you. To get the most out of a group exercise class, talk to people. Come a few minutes early and chat with the instructor or other classmates. Be sure to tell people at the end of class, “See you next time.” The more interactions you have, the more social pressure they will be for you to return. In this case, peer pressure is a good thing that will keep you exercising on a low motivation day.


7. Encourage someone else.  Coaching, advising, or supporting someone else in exercise is a huge way to motivate yourself. It can remind you of all the things you used to love about your workouts and energize you to find new reasons to enjoy what you know.  And you know so much more than you think you know…

8.Add Interval Training.  If you have a good base of fitness, it might be time to up the intensity of your workouts. Add a 20-minute interval training session that includes 30-second bursts of ‘sprint efforts’ followed by 60 seconds of recovery.

9. Take a Break.  If  you are a hard-core chronic exercise fanatic, a short hiatus from your workout won’t harm you and it may do some real good. If you are overtraining, stressed and not getting enough sleep, a week off may just be the thing you need to recharge your body and mind. Don’t be afraid to rest.

10. Buy new exercise Clothes. Shallow, but it works; go on a shopping spree. Buy that new workout outfit, get the new shoes, invest in some nice things. The more you spend, the more likely you will be to use those clothes.

11. Get a new Exercise Video.  That’s one that always works for me!  I get some of the benefits of a group class without having to leave your house. I don’t have to think as the instructor does all the thinking for me.  Plus, she/he will demonstrate the proper form for you and  give useful tips.  The newness will get you going as well!

12.  Exercise early in the day. A bit of exercise in the morning can rev up your metabolism all day long. Not only will you feel more energy, you also might sleep better. Most importantly, by exercising in the morning you’ll be sure to get your workout in every single day before interruptions and distractions start up.

13. Make an Exercise Plan. Get a big calendar and circle the days you want to exercise. Put a big “X” through them when you do. Give yourself a reward for a perfect week and a perfect month. Make no compromises or excuses – stick with your plan.


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