Bringing Wellness Full Circle

It’s way easier to be healthy if we have a balanced life! A lot less stress if your life is balanced… Balance and Health go hand in hand.  So here are some tips for you:

1. De-Clutter Your Life

In your mind, clear the clutter from your schedule and imagine it empty. Then return only the things that are vital to your survival — your job and sleep, for example. Then bring other things back into your schedule in their order of importance, adding new things that are important as well (like time for exercise), and leaving out things that are draining you or stressing you, like obligations that you’d rather not keep. This exercise can give you a greater idea of what things in your life are feeding you, and what things you may want to eliminate.

2. Remember The Trade-Offs

Every “no” is a “yes” to something else, and vice versa.  Perhaps it’s worth it, perhaps it’s not, or perhaps you’d rather cut out something else in your schedule.  Looking at each new commitment as something else that needs to be given up (even a hypothetical something) can make finding balance easier.

3. Delegate

Many of us get caught up in the ‘If I want it done right, I’ll have to do it myself’ trap, and find ourselves doing everything. Don’t forget that other people might be able to handle (or help with) some of the projects you’re doing, and may actually want to do so. Children, husbands may be far more capable of doing housework than weu are giving them credit for, and may get a sense of pride in being able to do such jobs, if encouraged properly.   Even hiring help — housekeepers, gardeners, personal assistants and the like — counts as delegation, and can be extremely helpful and worth the cash.

4. Do A Good Enough Job

Sometimes things need to be done with precision and perfection, but more often, they don’t. If you find yourself already too busy, you may really benefit from giving yourself a break. Take shortcuts, if the end result is still adequate.  Focus on what’s really important, and let the rest slip if necessary.

5. Live In The Now, But Keep The Future In Mind

Do you have a plan for the future? This type of general thinking can help keep balance and perspective. For example, when choosing whether to exercise or watch television, thinking about the long-term benefits that would come from each makes it much easier to skip a moderately entertaining show in favor of getting moving. Both activities can relieve stress, but one contributes to an overall plan for better health, while the other doesn’t. See where you can apply this analogy to your own decisions and find more balance in your life.

6. Stay Organized

Being organized is vital to finding balance in life. If you have a schedule where everything fits, you’ll be more efficient with your time. And you’ll be able to relax not only in the knowledge that you’ll get things done, but also in that what you’re working on in a given moment is what you’re supposed to be working on. Don’t overlook the value of online time management tools like calendars and PDAs.

7. Let Yourself be a Child at times

Although it’s unrealistic to be only doing things that are ‘fun’ (sometimes we need to take a break from skydiving and going to parties to do a few loads of dishes and pack lunches for the next day), it can be helpful to remember to try to keep fun things in your life and stressful things out of it.


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